We Got TEETH JEWELRY?!? (Beauty Trippin)

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Diamonds are a girls best friend! Today we get bling out our grills with TEETH JEWELRY… we swear it’s a thing. We apologize to our dentists in advance.
Talk to the girls about the episode!
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  1. lukas shawl says:

    You guys should try grillz

  2. Devyn Solum says:

    Omg pls pls pls pleassse do a video on dying your eyelashes!! I've always wanted to get an experience of that because my eyelashes are like a medium brownish blonde, totes will love ya! Love you, anyways! :)))

  3. Omg Lily! You should have gotten them on your K9s, It would have been so cute! I've always seen them with the white crystals and one on each K9. It's actually super girly!

  4. Em mi says:

    Haha. In Finland that was popular in early 00's. :'DDD

  5. Kenna 24 says:

    Please put the hint as the title so we can guess too!!

  6. Kiana Marie says:

    Oh god Lily no…

  7. Sophie Britz says:

    omg you guys did what glam gore did still love you guys so much xx

  8. Alivea S says:

    I like those glasses on lily!!

  9. Now you guys are 'beauty dripping in jewels'

  10. baby girl says:

    lily's look dumb af she shouldve gotten them on the side like joslyn

  11. Eva Poch says:

    You guys should try the life straw or whatever it's called

  12. Those glasses on lily look so good

  13. semi-permanent corn (edit- no hate i love you guys so much)

  14. salena y says:

    Oh Lilly. No no no.

  15. Karina Zayd says:

    Lily's looks like she has lipstick on her teeth

  16. omg i've been wanting one of these forever

  17. Josien looked like ugly bette when they placed the yewel

  18. Two -Faced says:

    Get your backs professionally cracked.

  19. I want bedazzled teeth

  20. Andrew Rheam says:

    Now that I have Jocelyn's license plate number…

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