Top eyeshadows for Indian/Brown/Olive Skin!

Hope you guys enjoyed 🙂

Products Mentioned (All by MAC):
Deep Truth
Beauty Marked
Satin Taupe


  1. Bunna A says:

    My painterly pot eye shadow primar from mac has dried out and I haven't used it a lot what can I do to fix it

  2. BALENCIAGA says:

    I feel like the Painterly paint pot is too light and i just want a shade that just looks like my skin as a base for eyeshadow

  3. I have some eyeshadow palettes, and always used it with this brush-set below
    The brush-set quality is so good and the soft texture really help me a lot to blend my makeup

  4. love u arshia can you do a best eyeshadow pallete for olive kin

  5. thank you sooooooooo much i needed this before my makeup got really badXD

  6. Paras Arora says:

    Are these single eyeshadows available at stores in India?

  7. pooja gupta says:

    Hey Arshia can you please do an updated Mac eyeshadow video? Also Mac ladies told me that groundwork paint pot will suit nc42 than painterly. What do you say about this?

  8. Asel O'roza says:

    Hi Arshia! Thank you for your videos. I would like to ask you about foundations. Do you think high class foundations are better than drugstore ones or cheap ones? Does it mean that if I pay more for cosmetics it's more quality? I care not only about my looks but I also want my cosmetics to be quality and do less harm on my skin. Can I use for instance, a Loreal foundation and be comfortable about my skin health? thank you again 🙂

  9. Asel O'roza says:

    thank you! I really enjoyed your video and got information I needed to make my own mac palette.

  10. hi there i have a darker colour of paint pot and my slids are lighter. . is it ok to use as a primer.

  11. Pinki Bagchi says:

    What is a good concealer for brown skin

  12. I love all the eye shadows. Do I have to get these from a MAC store or Amazon?

  13. Very expensive makeup from Mac. Where can I buy at a local drugstore in bulk?

  14. Appy Apoorva says:

    do u only recommend Mac shadows … what about other brands … But tutorial was great ..thanks beautiful

  15. hi..would u pls tell me ur lipshade pls..looks fab on u <3

  16. Auhona says:

    You are so cute!

  17. natasha xo says:

    wow i love how you actually demonstrate it on your eyelids keep doing that ur work is better than all these make up gurus who swatch it on their hands only

  18. When she puts olive skin is she referring to being brown ? Because I would consider myself olive skinned but I'm lighter than her, so what does she mean by olive skin. I wanna know so I know in her other vids if it would compliment my skintone.

  19. Hie. Nice video. But I use spectacular. So please give me some ideas for eye make up. My face is oval in shape.

  20. Hi,  I was thinking of buying a pallette and got confused.  There are so many Naked 3 Smashbox too Faced Lorac pro 2.  This is my first tie at this.  Which one would you suggest?  Please help

  21. Lisa B says:

    Love this video but really surprised you left out expensive pink. I feel like the gurus who live in India LOVE IT, like it's their number 1 eyeshadow. I really need to check it out.

  22. TheTswaka says:

    i'm a huge fan of mac lipstick, now i want to get the eyeshadows, i love your videos 🙂 u give the most amazing advice for brown skin

  23. alys 185 says:

    This was great! Thx.

  24. Im a new subscriber to your channel. I enjoy your videos and really appreciate all the great Information you share for your "brown ladies". Lol… it!

  25. Jay Archer says:

    Love you! I've been trying to find an inner eye highlight colour for the longest time. Most of what I have is too shiny so it doesn't look highlighted just glittery. I think I'll go pick up ricepaper! I also don't like goldmine for me – my alternative and go-to was Amber Lights (looks AMAZING on me NC42). Now I use Half-Baked from UD but I love the look Amber Lights gives me, I swear it was designed for me hahaha.

  26. SHALINI S says:

    Am an NC 44.5 and I would love to try these eye shadows. I have been using Hot Paprika in pro long wear

  27. Reshma lai says:

    Do a makeup collection 😉

  28. Hello A..I am a NC 25 to 30 mac. Can you please suggest me a peachy or orange (matte) and pink eyeshadow. I love them a lot…BDW..I love ur skin..its really flawless.

  29. Megha Mathur says:

    i hav clear complexion bt very dark eyelids..wt should i do to pop out colours on my eyelids..shud i use a primer..nd of which brand..kindly suggest

  30. GtFoxbody says:

    Love ur blush and lip color!!! What color is it and is it Mac?

  31. msnaomielle says:

    Great picks! Would you say Soba and Cork are also suitable for NC42 ladies? Thank you!

  32. Naila Gul says:

    Love love love your videos 🙂 you're beautiful.

  33. Dipika W says:

    Love that you know what you are talking about for us indian girls! Please do a video on bronzers for contouring and the best eye brushes! 

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