Top 15 Amazing Hairstyles Tutorials Compilation 2017 Girls Will Love

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  1. The one that was used for coke cans lol

  2. Cecelia Ray says:

    Whats the song at 6:13?

  3. Grace Reid says:

    The first one would of took like 6 hours

  4. omg how many coke cans do you need girl??!!!!

  5. Why are all these people so pretty???

  6. Lady Mystery says:

    3:43 Someone Plz tell me the song!!

  7. just decide on the song!!

  8. Lily Nickson says:

    Scared of the dark!!

  9. 1:35 I love her eyes but I love mine more lol

  10. all of these r beautiful!

  11. Briana H says:

    I honestly some of these but Nawh they looked terrible. Like if this happened to you

  12. deybi ibarra says:

    Como se llama la musica de minuto2 . 45

  13. 한쿡인 찾아요! 손!

  14. Dani Reardon says:

    8:20 GIRL your hair is still terrible


  16. As a kid I remember I used to wrap a pencil with my hair (even tho I have natural curls) Now I see there are ppl who use this trick

  17. Dapper_Rose says:

    These can only be done for people with thin, uncurly hair.

  18. NeonStorm AJ says:

    1:37 her eyes are hella creepy

  19. Très très beau mes il en a qui son moche ses comme ca et pas autrement

  20. Kyra Brown says:

    The music sucks

  21. WolfClaws says:

    Why did the music keep changing 9.9

  22. Pick a song already! XD

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