New Amazing Lip Art 2017 | Lipstick Tutorial Compilation June 2017 (Part 6)

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  1. Jezuu zabije sie zaraz przez tą opryszczke u jednej babki.

  2. Juliana Pena says:

    gostei da 1 musica ede todos os batom.

  3. she's Lip soo very beutyful

  4. Asha Taurus says:

    like it even i love it

  5. Rani Ji says:

    pic m check red design h wh to bna kr ni dikhya

  6. Rani Ji says:

    company ka naam tell

  7. Rani Ji says:

    yh lip paint kha sy m8lega

  8. I somehow am really satisfied when watching this

  9. the logo is awesome but when i saw the video it was the same lip art i saw in other videos

  10. I LOVE IT❤❤❤

  11. Ayana 15 says:


  12. adorei essa música durante o vídeo

  13. Ivy Girl says:

    where's the design at from the thumbnail

  14. I really loved those lipsticks

  15. onde compramos esses batons e as sombras q vc passa por cima e oq eh esse liquido transparente e branco q vc usa antes de aplicar os batons

  16. Anika Lewis says:

    What if you lick your lips

  17. who else came here after watching the thumbnail

  18. Zoya Shaikh says:

    Come on stop showing applying lipstick and glitter on it. Everyone knows how to do that show something like the one showed before viewing the video.

  19. oi muito lindo, e legal.

  20. c est trop beau ce que vous fete

  21. these are so pretty

  22. Vanida S says:

    The musik are cool

  23. Paige Nugent says:

    do a Fourth of July scene

  24. são todos lindos

  25. that pimplw on her lip was grossing me out

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