New Amazing Lip Art 2017 | Lipstick Tutorial Compilation August 2017 | Part 37

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  1. How do u eat with these things

  2. Uni Fofo says:

    Se eu for fazer o batom dura só 5min

  3. The way they pose is so much cringe.

  4. N Ahmed says:

    Plz try some light colours

  5. verry much beaty!!!!!

  6. the lips at 8:34 are brighter than my future

  7. chỉ là học bôi son môi thôi mà bình thường

  8. 슬혜 says:

    노래에서 뽕 하는 소리 나는데 내가 어디서 많이 들었지했는데 우리 아빠가 방구 조금 낄때 소리였어

  9. Abyggail 1 says:

    omg i loveee ittt great job☺☺

  10. I love your videos ,they are the best

  11. A Tear A Tie says:

    Who else was waiting for the thumbnail

  12. Iqra Khan says:

    Wow. I just love your videos. You're the best

  13. Make snapchat, Instagram and musically lipsticks tutorial

  14. i don't care lifebeauty you are the best

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