Lipsticks for Medium to Dark Skin (Tan/Tamil/Indian/Srilankan/Brown skin/NC45) | Thuri Makeup

An old video i forgot to upload hope you enjoy! Since I am of a darker skin tone I thought this would help people who are similar in colour to me.

How to: Kim Kardashian Drugstore Cream Contour and Highlight for Indian Skin

Makeup without Brushes ( Prom, Party Look for Indian/Tan Skin )

My Everyday Makeup Routine (with one makeup brush)

Easy Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial

My Everyday Eyebrow Routine (Using Drugstore Products)

My Full Coverage Foundation Routine

Hope this video helps other tamils with similar or darker skin tone because i know it is quite hard!

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  1. please improve communication..

  2. Good. But cud u pls tell me whether a straighrened hair can be normally curled back again

  3. pls suggest me a dupe for mac viva glam 3

  4. it is so helpful to me, thank you!

  5. shiney tina says:

    lipstick shades are awesome but plz could u help me out with shade codes or number so that I could go ahead and purchase them

  6. reena hegazy says:

    Nice videos helped me a lot

  7. reena hegazy says:

    Nice videos helped me a lot

  8. This actually helped me so much! Thankyouuuuuu x

  9. Yashaswini T says:

    Nice video… I'm totally a lipstick girl.. Got to know about various shades… Thnq 🙂

  10. Angie says:

    Thank you for making this video! Now I know what colours I can buy that will suit my skin tone

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