Lipstick Tutorial Compilation 2017 | Amazing Lip Art Ideas | June 2017 | Part 9

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  1. Skye Collins says:

    Love the types of lipstick and lips

  2. Skye Collins says:

    Cool do more videos plz xx

  3. Venus Flytrap in the thumbnail.

  4. Basia D says:

    Jest tu ktoś z polski

  5. That black matte is more beautiful than me ;_____;

  6. Ravenwolf says:

    I don't get why people will fill in their lips completely with a pencil then cover over that with the same shade of lipstick

  7. Did anyone else notice a lip Pierce hole at 0:51

  8. I'm not girly and I don't like make up but this is satisfying

  9. Why do ppl always put the lipstick in their mouth? Its sorta triggering

  10. nidhi Gupta says:

    I like my own comment because no one like it.

  11. I didn't liked the gold one!!

  12. I can see doing funky colors for a photo shoot but…the only colors I'd wear in every day life are red or brown.

  13. Giada Giusty says:

    Wow. What beautiful lips.

  14. N A says:

    WTF!!! wow ilove it.

  15. Pari Prayag says:

    what's the water she put at 2 : 15

  16. Gudetama aaa says:

    Planeta faktów ukradli muzyczke

  17. Summer Ortiz says:

    Finally something plain

  18. je hustý a třpitiví

  19. 5:23 is it just me? Or is this lip art REALLY ugly?( Not trying to be rude or something)

  20. Hello There says:

    Who else watched tutorials but never does them and just can here out of satisfaction?

    Nope just me…… ok?

  21. Noor Malik says:

    This is awesome

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