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Step #1 of Color Analysis – What’s Your Undertone? Find out your skin undertone – are you cool or warm?

Your skin undertone is the coloring underneath the surface of your skin and does not change during your lifetime. Knowing whether you have a cool or a warm skin undertone is a key piece of information about yourself to take with you makeup shopping and when choosing a hair color at the hair salon.

If you choose a makeup or hair color that does not match your skin undertone, you could be making yourself look dull, washed out, older and if you have any skin imperfections such as acne or scarring these imperfections may be magnified.

The best way to find out your skin undertone is by having a color analysis. However, if you are unable to have a color analysis done, I share with you two tests you can do on your own to assess whether you have a cool or a warm skin undertone in the video above.

I hope this video inspires you to wear your authenticity!

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  1. JP Roblox says:

    what if its both gold and silver

  2. My hairdresser said I am more of a cool/summer undertone person (I thought I would be a more fall or winter; but my hairdresser said I wasn't) as I was trying to find the best colors for my hair as I was planning on adding a bit of highlights that looks more natural for me as some of the colors clashed horribly (colors that had orange or yellow in it). I have dark brown hair and eyes; but I don't tan very well have freckles on my arms as all that (I am a mixed Latina). I though I would be more neutral. My veins are more blue than green, so I think that is how to tell if you are cool or warm tone.

  3. maryratti says:

    these tests are pretty good. the one thing i will disagree with you on is the undertone of the skin not changing over time. i came into some health issues a couple years ago that lead me to develop Gilbert's disease on two separate occasions. my skin was never as pink/cool toned afterwards. growing up i was always cool toned with blue viens. now i'm neutral. i look good in either colour of jewelry. this also makes it hard to find a bronzer shade that is not too orange or too muddy or grey. thank you for posting this video.

  4. I'm a neutral, but I lean pink. I can pull off soft autumn and soft summer. I have to be careful of saturated color, but the right orange looks amazing on me.

  5. I'm pretty neutral. What crazy colors would work for me?

  6. google one says:

    Youre also very genial :)) I suppose if you were very icy pale, no ruddy cheeks…gold and warm would work for you?

  7. google one says:

    Well explained, thank you!
    Also, Mimi Ikonn said one can also more objectively come to a conviction by ventral arm vein color (more green or blueish).
    Seems sensible!

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  9. sg bhatti says:

    this is soooo much better than checking ur vien colour theory.
    according to wat u said
    gold suits me more
    so m a warm undertone

  10. I saw the silver suited you better, it looked as if the gold gave you a bit of dark circles under your eye. Good vid.

  11. debbie greer says:

    Could you please do a vedio on what makeup colors to ware with cool skin tones and gray hair

  12. All bets are off when one's freakishly pale and olive-toned, though…

  13. It would be helpful if you told us what exactly to look for. Often when doing different colors my face seems to reflect a color like it soaks it up. Is that indicative of "my" color? Honestly I've tried to figure this for decades with no success. I have also had two drapings done at different times with completely opposing outcomes. Help!

  14. I actually thought the gold color suited your skin tone better , so I don't see how this works at all

  15. Alexandra says:

    I'm still a little confused as to what undertone I have. I'm tend to tan easily and rarely ever burn, I have dark brown eyes and black hair as well. Gold seems to blend in with my skin tone a lot, but I personally feel that silver looks better on me as well as a crisp white color.

  16. those PowerPoint slide transitions though

  17. Terra Kerani says:

    Thanks for sharing this Carol… I always wanted to understand this basic thing about silver vs gold and now I get that it has to do with skin undertone. Thank you! Looking forward to learning more from your videos!

  18. OMG! you nailed it! So much conflicting information out there. I loved how simple and clear you made it.

  19. Mornea Smith says:

    I thought the gold and warm white looked better on you

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