HOW TO: Blend l Blending 101

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  1. El Newton says:

    This tutorial helped me learn how to blend I just did the best makeup I've ever done on myself thanks to following these easy steps!! ThANK YOUUUU!!

  2. I found the best cosmetics store – – 90% of their products are below $15 usd, I also saw some cool un-genuine kylie jenner items

  3. I still can't blend ugh

  4. This video was so helpful! Thank you!

  5. Corina Sonne says:

    Seriously, this is the best blending video.
    Thank you!

  6. Debby Bryony says:

    I like to utilize a soft brush to using my make-up. I buy my brush from here
    It help me to make my make-up perfect, like it! I didn`t understand much about make-up previously, however i love to view tutorials and try to find out. So i chose to purchase this brush set to help me, and it did work well. I enjoy my brush, you guys need to try it too. It offer totally free shipping too!

  7. The title says how to blend eyeshadow,not what colour shadows that u use, P.S I'm not hating just stating facts,

  8. I love this look it's beautiful

  9. her voice is so soothing

  10. Kim Myers says:

    this is so helpful!

  11. I love how you just get straight into it, you don't talk for five million minutes like other youtubers!! Thank you lol

  12. Nella Bella says:

    Thanks for this video!❤️ I love how it was short yet helped me a lot! Lol xoxo

  13. Mizz Moni says:

    Love this video. from beginning to end

  14. omg idk why are you girls doing this you're beautiful just the way you are

  15. please help me. what is your transition colour here?

  16. Boricua803 says:

    How is this a blending tute?

  17. Gena Jaimes says:

    I love the way you blended the eyeshadow +cflowermakeup. I can never get my eyeshadow to have the "gradient " effect no matter how much I try to blend. I must be doing something wrong…

  18. very detailed. good job

  19. Leah Johnson says:

    Wow! This really helped, I will make sure to do my eyeshadow like that next time!

  20. Anke Lemmens says:

    Hi Crystal! I love how to colours are so wel blend in to each other. I have huge problems with that, so I am wachting tutorials A LOT. But i was disapointed after the video, because you did not really get into the blending. Your not even showing the blending of the ouder V. This was just a tutorial, with here and there a tiny bit more explaining. I'm sorry I had my hopes up that I maybe finally found a video. Could you maybe do it again? Doesn't have to be with the same colors… greets Anke.

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