Easy Loose Curls in under 10 mins | viviannnv


Thanks so much for watching! This is my first hair tutorial in a while but I’ll be uploading these more often! If you were wondering, I got a haircut for the first time in about a year so it is a little shorter and more layered. If you want to know what my haircut is I talk about it in this video:
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Products Used
Nume White Truffle Hair Primer
Nume Lustrum 5n1 Set
Bamboo Beach Waves Spray
Tigi Catwalk Sleek Mystique Look-Lock Hairspray

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  1. rihana miah says:

    I thought this was heatless curse my straight hair

  2. Hi! The Nume code didn't work, any new one?

  3. 10 mins? This took me an hour. Still great result though. Thanks!

  4. Vivi amazin says:

    My name is Vivian and my last name is also with a v…. so just curious what's your last name?

  5. K-Ar-I-Na says:

    the codes dont work anymore? 🙁

  6. R. Stormi says:

    i want your hair so bad damn

  7. awhona zaman says:

    Ughf your hair is soo damn perf!!! -..-

  8. Rubina Amir says:

    you are so much pretty

  9. awesome..good looking hair style….sub to sub here

  10. Cytoreet says:

    Actually they are not curls

  11. What was the curling iron called again?

  12. D D says:

    Which is your hair colour shade??
    It's so beautiful ^_^

  13. Lucia Cruz says:

    she's the most beautiful human being I've ever done seen.

  14. Ngan Nguyen says:

    How the hell is your hair sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo thick?

  15. Ana Barajas says:

    Well, my hair is already curly, but it gets super frizzy and I hate it!! How can I stop the frizz from ruining my curls? 🙁

  16. amber renee says:

    Woah you're beautiful! You look just like a doll.

  17. Any tips for how to grow your hair just like her ???????

  18. why not says:

    lol my hair is like this naturaly, but even more curly

  19. Addie B says:

    my hair is thick :V

  20. anime fan says:

    She is like the definition of hair goals like holy shit

  21. Julie Abcede says:

    loved this! just uploaded my version of how I curl my hair too 🙂

  22. This hairstyle took me like an hour

  23. Cloud says:

    Your hair is so beautiful

  24. Iz Adam says:

    How many other people try this but it never turns out the way she got it

  25. Thu Nguyen says:

    someone show me the name of this machine 5in1 then …

  26. Vivian you're so beautiful always ❤️

  27. Your hair is so prettyyy

  28. Priyaa Ten says:

    I know it's probably simple but I want a tutorial on the eye makeup LOL it's so cute

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