Britney Spears Makeup Tutorial

Britney Spears Makeup Transformation


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The music track I’m using here is my brother’s (Oleg Yarushin) instrumental. He can make ANY music for YOU! This is his channel:

Foundation – Revlon Colorstay 150 BUFF
Concealer – NUBA
Powder – Loreal Matt Magique
Contour – MAC Matte Bronze
Unknown brand from Alliexpress
Eyeliner – Maybelline Smoky Eyes Black Pencil
MAC Charcoal Brown
Shimmer – Rimmel Smoky eyes pallette – grey
Brows – MAC Copperplate eyeshadow
Mascara – Maybelline Colossal Go Extreme Leather black
White pencil – IsaDora
Lip liner – Whirl by MAC
Lip gloss – borjois 3D 11

Brushes: Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman
for foundation – Your Base/Flawless Expert Face brush
for highlighter – Your finish/perfected setting brush
for contouring – Your finish-perfected, Blush brush
for eyes – Your eyes/Enhanced Shading brush
Eyes – MAC 217 brush (Best of the best)

Love x x


  1. Grace Shaw says:

    You made this look so simple. Wow. Great job!!!!

  2. Posh Gnosh says:

    Impressive! Absolutely Impressive! Either she has one of those faces or shes extremely talented

  3. Izel CL says:

    What a good makeup, congratulations, you look like britney

  4. Woooooow I subscribed right away

  5. Aslı Han says:

    veryyyy similar congrats!!!

  6. MisterLivs says:

    Omg that is SCARY lol I love transformation videos they're just so weird because they're just so GOOD!

  7. Your eyes completely mesmerized me! Much love from India.

  8. Jordan Puga says:

    thank you so much for existing I'm a drag queen and female impersonator in LA and my nose and facial structure are similar to yours and this video helps me so much!

  9. If only Britney would do this so she can look like her old self

  10. Lis says:

    this is my favorite makeup tutorial eveeer! it's britney, bitch

  11. Helga 7055 says:

    it's crazy how much you look like her as soon as the eyeshadow is finished

  12. Noreen Reyes says:

    Amazing as always!!!

  13. maeg fry says:

    love your channel. I am not sure if you know who she is but you look alot like the singer Jewel when she was young. Very naturally beautiful. I would love to see you do a tutorial on her.

  14. Cherry Steel says:

    you are amazingly talented!

  15. fantastic!! darling 🙂

  16. hahahhahahahhahaha" please!

  17. you are amazing! !!!!

  18. lucy girl says:

    You're absolutely incredible! Who knew that 2 eyes, a nose, and a mouth could all look so different??!!! The talent you have for seeing each and every tiny contour is amazing.

  19. holy crap youre amazing

  20. Ziyin Zheng says:

    You are really good at what you do.

  21. Oh!!! I needed this! I used to be a huge fan as a child, I still like her, but not do much. It's a fabulous make up, anyway, you're a true artist!!!

  22. Jesse Right says:

    Amazing !you are so talented!omg!

  23. incredibly talented

  24. You seem to look like Britney already.

  25. Truly amazing, you are so technical

  26. Kylee Wagar says:

    This is SO good !!!!

  27. You are amazing!!.! Can you please make the makeup of Thalia in Rosalinda? Thank yoy!

  28. Susan Linck says:

    I hope you got really successful by now because you are an artist !

  29. Wow! I've always admired Britney Spears' eye shape, now thanks to you I can re-create it on myself, you're so talented! Much love from New York!

  30. Caitlin says:

    Which one's Britney? Wow you couldn't have gotten anything more on point! Fabulous! Just subcribed there before I forget I'm drawn to all your other vids now!

  31. Tim G. says:

    Amazing.Love your accent.

  32. i think you look like whigfield

  33. a little bit look like her but not bad., can i do a britney spears make up with cheap make up?

  34. You Are Amazing !!!!! love your video 🙂

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