Britney Spears applying her makeup

Britney in a makeup chair talking about herself.


  1. she looks annoying to put make up on and do the hair she moves the whole time.

  2. Sirley C says:

    i love how she still pronounces "mirror" as "mirrah"

  3. "my hair.. its like , i have none " haha

  4. xxcharmed1xx says:

    wish we could have this britney back. she was so funny and care free. i think she has to much control over her now.

  5. gigixxx says:

    @Musicxchannel0 look at u! lol

  6. LOVE U Britney!!!!!

  7. kari h says:

    "my hair is like out of it" hahha i love her!!!!!!

  8. kari h says:

    she's adorkable!! 🙂

  9. maranji85 says:

    no this is when shes dating k-fed and before having the babies in 2004. she shaved in 2007 after her divorce and after having her 2nd baby.

  10. woahhh her personality reminded me of miley cyrus a little lol and im not just saying that cause people say mileys the next britney i just think they have the same funny attitute

  11. breakers92 says:

    yeah i know that
    but still she just really take good care of her theeth
    coz some people just ruind their teeth back to normal after get some dental work..
    no prob i still love her smile to death!!!!!
    i LOVE U BRIT!!!!

  12. yea, that was the funniest part! lol

  13. breakers92 says:

    she has a great theeth

  14. pink70makeup says:

    Lol, she's funny!

    (I don't like her eyebrows the way they show here.)

  15. bradlove123 says:

    Whatever.She's still pretty without makeup:-)

  16. Laura Loon says:

    Ahhh that was so funny, Britney is a sweet gal!

  17. GooGoowa says:

    LoL Brit's so funny haha xD

  18. RebbieMcGee says:

    I will have sex on stage haha, aw god bless her

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