10 Korean Skincare Tips You Should Definitely Know!

Koreans are known for FLAWLESS SKIN. Here are 10 KOREAN SKIN CARE TIPS YOU SHOULD DEFINITELY KNOW! I go step-by-step and show you how to get flawless and beautiful skin through their 10 step Korean skin care routine! For more SKINCARE videos, I hope you SUBSCRIBE & give this video a THUMBS UP! xo Jen


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  1. Don't read this if you're too sensitive: this is the first video I saw of her, and when in the first minute (with makeup on) I thought she was that common .. girl? Asian American girl? I can't describe it. And I didn't see her attractive, but then when she showed the bare face I though she was soooooo pretty. Like so fucjing pretty like a kpop star, really I think you should go bare face often ❤️❤️

  2. leu says:

    clicked away as soon as I saw foam cleanser and exfoliant right after, this just causes skin damage and makes it more sensitive definitely not good if ur skin is sensitive or acne prone

  3. You look like a brunette perrie edwards

  4. Owlie Xherry says:

    No offence but it always cringe when the watery product fell of your hand XD
    Anyways thank you for this informative video! Helps a lot 🙂

  5. Muriel Wicki says:

    What about suncream?

  6. meena Ba says:

    Hello I have the different skin so it will be work with me ? For example when We don't have the same kind of skin

  7. Twinkal Puri says:

    plz give yr phone no plz i m twinkle i want to be yr frnd

  8. Mai Bui says:

    This is just a in depth 10 step Korean skincare routine then.

  9. Toner: "just a few drops" uses the whole bottle

  10. That should say exfoliater…

  11. I am 50 years old, the best advice I have is, never ever sleep in your make up, stay away from smoking, drinking and sun, and use an escalator two or three times a week x

  12. Yes please, I want a smooth skin like my Kpop idols

  13. Jane - chan says:

    isnt it oil creates pimples…. So yah….

  14. Anybody plz help me to choos face beauty prodcts for glowing skin .. I like korean prodcts… but didnt use it till..

  15. 현늘사라 says:

    do you use all those products together?

  16. I love Korean skin care

  17. Tips no 1: have a lot of money a.k.a rich

  18. Teddy2004 says:

    i want to try the mask how get rid of black heads

  19. Mars Meleği says:

    Sevdim seni Dostum!

  20. Abby L says:

    I need help, I have korean skincare products here and one says emulsion. What does it do? And how do I use it?

  21. I wanted to try the eye and lip patch, it looks interesting

  22. Ashley lily says:

    Thanks for showing me all of this I bought them all

  23. I think you are coppying tina tries it

  24. If I had as beautiful and flawless skin as her I wouldn't EVER where makeup

  25. i wish it was not expensive. i really want to buy the products used because i don't think i have healthy skin but i just do not have the money.

  26. For everyone saying "her nose is ugly","it looks like her nose is staring into my soul"Her nose is beutiful!I have a blunt and flat nose!

  27. namsan 82 says:

    You are so beautiful with out make up

  28. iram zameer says:

    plzzzzzz i need the lip one o have the worst lips on the planet n am sorry dont have instagram n snapchat…..i also need blackhead remover sooo badly……hope am the lucky winner evn though this is the first video ive watched….

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